Mystery Box

In this project, I will be using a wide range of somewhat categorised physical materials and a live projected video feed. I am collecting a variety of unsettling items for example cigarette butts, insects, toenails, raw meat and some creations of my own. I am using these materials as the medium attempting to use them as the device for storytelling. They would hopefully accomplish this by provoking distraught emotions and flipping the sense securement of the interpreter. There will also be a live video being project on a frame in the room, the source of the footage will be coming from within the room. The camera will be viewing the environment and the audience, the camera will be located in a subtle area, like a security camera. 

The Layout

There will be an inviting setup with rigged calming lighting with a selection of boxes/chests for the audience to interact with, but once the objects are revealed from within the chests, it will bring the opposite feelings of inviting as they will reveal some unpleasant items.

What’s it about

This project is about how we crave to see and experience the new, exciting wonders that the world has to offer, the unknown origins of the urges we have to view upon collections, Mark Dion plays with this idea in he’s installation ‘Memory Box’ and it can also be seen in Sarah Sze’s ‘Improvisation’, but in the state of today’s world we tend to block out or ignore what we find unappealing. This can be heavily noticed by censorship in almost all forms of media, from the bleep of curse words on television, to the covered ‘graphic’ video’s on Facebook. This works intentions are to basically trick the audience into uncovering what they don’t want to see or experience, by luring them into to a somewhat comfortable, curiosity driven environment. The reason being for this is that it’s attempting to produce the narrative that though we choose to ignore things in life, that these things are there and that we can’t always just block them out, as in doing so the ignorance ultimately dumbs us down and gives us false impressions of reality.

The reason for the projected video feed is to induce the idea of the audience’s presence, as it can reveal that they are apart of this censored, glamorised society. It also exercises the fact that the audience and there experiences are apart of the work itself. As in how they are captured through the lens and displayed in a frame, it figuratively embodies them. Without the interactions, the boxes would never be uncovered and this would be seen as useless

A video tour of the Mystery Box Prototype   (below)


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